Moar cute boys plz. (tabiji) wrote in nraged,
Moar cute boys plz.

Nocturne Alley shirts and stuff

*sniffle* Whoa, almost a year.

Remember back when everyone was all hyped to get NA t-shirts? I don't think anyone ever made any, so I've thrown a few together at The We Heart NA Cafepress Store. Of course, per the players' request there's no mark-up.

There are shirts and mugs and a bunch of goodies...since copyrighted images aren't allowed (and the players were so modest about giving their favourite quotes), I did plain text, with a few different messages. :)

Edit 3: I will not be able to do a quote design. If anyone else wants to do it, please, go ahead.

Edit: Per nagging request, a quote design is in the works. I'll edit here when it's added!

Edit 2: Please, please leave comments here with any quote suggestions for each character.
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