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Hello, everyone,
It's funny.  After almost four years, I still think about the game often.
I have very fond memories of sitting in Japan keeping up to date on the game with all of you, and hitting refresh during the on line battles.
Who can forget Ron's disappearing hand?  The game ended two weeks before I left Japan and it was a very nostalgic time for me.  
I spent that summer downloading the entire game into Word files as I had this paranoid fear that the game was going to disappear forever.
I went through every entry and every thread, added every picture and link that was still there, and connected threads through colour and font.
I then started work and only managed to play with it every once in a while.  
My goal is to complete a printable version that I can take out and read whenever the mood strikes.  To date, I have completed up to the end of April '03.  It is in a format that makes sense to me and may not be everyone's ideal, but it's available.
Now, I have no idea if any of you are still out there, (four years is a hell of a long time - and we've even had book 7 in that period) but I have decided to post what I have in honour of the 4th anniversary.

I will be posting a link where you can find the files in the next couple of weeks.  In the meantime, post a reply.  I'd like to get an idea if uploading everything is even worth it.

Good to touch base again!

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