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Nocturne Alley Offline! or, Have You Seen These Images?


I know I've been promising to do it for quite some time, and I haven't yet got around to working out where to host it, or how to distribute it to you wonderful people, but I've mostly completed my offline version of N_A. Here are a few specs:

1. Size:

Currently, uncompressed, it's about 35 megabytes. Obviously, this is quite scary for people with dial-up, however, using LZMA compression (via 7zip), I've managed to get it down to between 6 and 7 megabytes. Obviously, this is going to be ideal for people on dial-up.

I will offer it in several other zipped formats (tarball/.tar.gz, bzip2, zip, and possibly rar), including 7zip. Currently, 7zip would require that you download and install the 7zip archive program, which is free (open-source), and thankfully not too large.

More on that later.

Edit: The size just seems to be racing up. I've managed to collect more images, along with some supplemental material/ sites, pushing the total size, uncompressed, to about 79 megabytes. As such, distribution will be completely different. I'll offer a 'whole shebang' file, possibly on Sendspace, while also having 'just posts', 'images', 'supplements', and 'navigation' archives as modules.

2. Content and format:

Content is HTML. This consists of all of the parsed journal entries in the list of links that orpheusinjapan (hooray, thank you!) posted to nraged a while back.

Collapsed comment threads have been uncollapsed, all external images have been fetched and converted to a local link (stored in icons/ for user icons, and images/ for non-icons).

3. Indexes:

There'll be a chronological, post-by-post index for the entire game. There will also be character post-by-post indexes (also in chronological order), and if I can work out how to format it, a chronological incident index.

4. Navigation:

Either as part of the main archive, or as a separate one (depending on file size), I'm intending on making a HTML-Frames-based navigation interface, with the ability to 'bookmark' the current page, go previous/next chronologically in the game, and previous/next chronologically with player posts.

I don't think it will be ready for distribution until sometime over the weekend. I'm still ironing out some rough edges and attempting to find images that have been lost. Which is where you lovely people (and hopefully any players who are still monitoring this community) can come in.

The list of images that I've not been able to find online is here, hosted via Unfortunately, I've not included a link to the actual post. I'll try and update it sometime. Edit: Slightly less readable, but following post:image format:

If you have any images on your hard drive that you think might help or that match these filenames, please leave a comment and I'll try and organise a way to get them off you.

If you know any of the players who are not monitoring this community and have a way to contact them, please link them to this post, or ask them if they still have any of their images. About 50% are character-specific web hosting that has since been lost.

On one final note, I'm looking for ways to distribute this. If anyone has some web space with bandwidth to burn and FTP access that they don't mind donating to this, please also leave a comment!

I think that's everything. Long Live Nocturne_Alley!
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