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Nocturne Alley Offline Rediscovered, Nraged Backup

NrAged and Nocturne Alley are both safe!

You can now view the backed-up versions of these communities (with extended features coming soon) online: Nocturne Alley is here (complete with posts, indexes, navigation, icons, supplement, etc) and NrAged is here (complete with posts, index, navigation and icons). Please check out the NrAged community on Dreamwidth for more information and updates.

You can also download NA offline to peruse locally. More information on the dreamwidth community!


I'm not sure who's seeing this. I've managed to find the original code and original versions of Nocturne Alley Offline which were unfortunately taken off the web at the beginning of this year and lost. Not to fear, they're back! You can find the entire thing here: http://akaviri.com/na_offline/na_offline.7z

Instructions on how to use the file and the archive can be found here, but please note that there are at least some browser inconsistencies that make the navigation and potentially the search non-functional, at least in the most modern version of Chrome that I have.

Moving forward: given the changing political climate around LiveJournal, and the fact that Nraged is almost as much of a part of the game as the game itself is, I'm going to start a new project of attempting to backup the entirety of Nraged. I don't know that I'll be able to save every image that was posted here (if they're still hosted), and unfortunately it's been almost ten years since the original project so I'll have to rewrite it from scratch as I've honestly no way of understanding what the hell was wrong with my brain and why I wrote it the way I did.

I'll post regular updates here.

To that extent, I've also taken the liberty of creating an nraged sister-community on Dreamwidth: http://nraged.dreamwidth.org and I will be cross-posting updates there.
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LJ Migration

Hey all, Remus's player here. I don't know if anyone is reading this, but I wanted to let people know that I have imported Lupercus to Dreamwidth for safekeeping. Not sure what's going to happen to NA, whether we're deleting or just abandoning the accounts, so I wanted to be sure that Lupercus was backed up.

Thankfully, comments were also imported. Everything seems to be there.


Thanks guys,

- M
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Lost, Then Found

Guys, I found a ton of NA stuff on an old CD backup (remember those?) from 2004.

I'm going to weed through it and if I find anything interesting, I'll post it here.

I miss you guys.

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Nocturne Alley Offline, re-dux

After a couple of re-quests, and a number of people pointing out that the original download links for Nocturne Alley are no longer viable. As such, I'm subsumed some donated web-space, and re-uploaded them!

I was just going to include the links to the file here, but then I realised if I have to move it, that means that's another entry that I'll have to edit. So I'll just link back to the original entry: Nocturne Alley Offline is released! (Version 1).

Instructions on how to use it, etc, are all contained within that link. If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments here or on the original post.
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The screened comment...

So, surely someone worked out what this said? I remember getting a screen-cap on the sly, but it only had the top two or three pixels of the text, and I've since lost it so I haven't had the time to obsessively reconstruct it from the standard fonts.

I will trade a stapler for it!
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fank yuu

rilly belaytd fank yuu tu evrywun hoo playd wif mee.

(wayt.whys crabbers laffin. stopit. ets nott funnee.)

anywai yu werr orl orrrrsum n so wuz mi translaters. smoochers tu orl hu lett mi plaiy.

(was reading old entries and got super over emotional. loved playing! would love to catch up with the old crew.  and if nothing else, I want to say thank you to the people who let me play in their sandbox <3 and I miss all your creative brains working together and if there was ever a reunion *drops a million hints*)