Nocturne Alley Mods (intern_alley) wrote in nraged,
Nocturne Alley Mods

The Rather Belated Mod Q&A

*brushes cobwebs from corners*

Erm, we meant to do this in September. While the player Q&As were going on, I noticed a lot of people asking "How did the game work" sort of questions, so I thought it best if there was a mod Q&A for general stuff like that. Sorry about the lateness; the Q&As were a rather large undertaking and by the time they were over, I think everyone was slightly relieved and, well, I forgot about this one. I'm not sure any of you actually have any of those questions by now, but feel free to try to come up with some!

Stuff to ask: um, stuff about how the game works, stuff about non-played characters (it seems like there was a lot of Nott stuff going on), stuff that isn't really for a specific player. Whatever you want, really! I don't know how in demand this post is.

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