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Nocturne Alley Offline is released! (Version 1)

Here's version 1.0 of na_offline. It's currently hosted on donated webspace. It might not last long! Let's see:

To open the file, you will need the 7-Zip program.

For Windows: This can be found on the 7-Zip website, or directly from here. Once you have installed it, go to the location where you installed it (The default is C:\Program Files\7-Zip) and run the '7zFM.exe' program.

Once in the program, browse to where you downloaded the na_offline_v1.0.7zip, double click, select the na_offline folder, and extract it to a location. Then follow the instructions at Entry points if you want to start straight away.

For flavours of Unix: On Ubuntu, 7zip can be found in the 'p7zip' package in aptitute. Binaries and source code can be found on the 7zip website (linked above). Once installed (or if already installed) use the command 7z x na_offline_v1.0.7zip to extract the na_offline folder into the current directory.

Further operating system binaries etc can be found on the download page linked to on the 7-zip website above. I believe the instructions would be similar or identical to those for Unix for Mac and BSD systems.

For Mac: this seems to work quite well, though I haven't personally tested it. You'll need to rename the file from '.7zip' to '.7z' for it to actually uncompress it, otherwise it tries to compress it again! Silly programs not paying attention to header information.

Further infospam, cut for the sanity of your friendslist!Collapse )

Screenshot, just because.Collapse )
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