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nraged: we get results.


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NrAged: The Nocturne Alley Fan Community
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This is the home of the livejournal community for nocturne_alley fans to discuss the activities and developments of their favorite RPG.

This was done so that people who have been floating around various livejournal threads trying to keep up with the discussion recently can all have a place to consolidate their discussions; and also for the NA character roleplayers, because I'm sure they want to keep up with what everybody's saying about them as much as the rest of us. Community rules and posting suggestions can be found here.

Please note that the members of NA DID NOT make this community.

Anybody can post here, and all are welcome to. Have fun!

Please note that icon-related posts can be made under na_icons and off-topic entries should be made to nraged_ot.

"alot", "fine", "indeed", a_player, a_slytherin, analyzing ps' filing system, arithmantra, artistic_flower, blond snape, blondenarcissa, blushcrush, boat., boot_boy, colin__creevey, crabbe, deanthomas, detentions, divination, divineparvati, dooglevoluna, dra-co maaaal-foy, duels, echo, ernie/hermione, erniemacmillan, evan/ginny, f5, finch_fletchley, full moons, gaea, gatl, ginny/cho, gold stars, golf clubs, goyle, grottle, guh, gunther, ham aversion, hannahabbott, harry/draco, hitting refresh, hogwarts, hooch/trelawney, i ♥ na, icon analysis, in your fish motherfucker!, insane amounts of refreshing, intern_alley, jadedsirius, journal hijacking, just one more refresh, just_harry, kaff een, kitties, knight_to_h3, la_pensee, legit_regit, lip balm, live threads, lockerygildhart, losing sleep because of na, lupercus, m.b., m.b. is god, m.b./pansy, m.b./t.b., making icons, malfoy manor, missgranger, moaningmyrtle, mood: enraged, mood: fine, more snogging, more snogs, narcissa's beauty tips, neville, nocturne alley, nocturne_alley, not august, nraged, onourbrooms, over-analysing, pansy, paper dolls, pe_eee_ee_eeves, pennyclearwater, percyneedsalife, perfectprefect, petitemillicent, pinkstarsgirlie, pins, potions_master, potterstinks, professor snape, pub brawls, purestblood, purple beans, q&a's, queenie greenknees, remus/severus, remus/sirius, ron/hermione, ron/pansy, ron/parvati, rosie, scorpio/martin, scotchtartan, seamus/dean, seamus_f, seekercho, sibyllsays, silk souffles, sinistra, sirius' karaoke nights, sirius/remus, sirius/remus/severus, snape/lupin, snogging, snogs, speculation, squeeing, stealing passwords, subtext, surreptitious flirting, susanbones, tarot, tea parties, the burrow, the_fat_lady, theorising, turpinol, unsolvable acronyms, wehaveseven, what the hell's going on, wheresmytoad, wibble refresh repeat, wibbling

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